Humane Society of Adams County’s new Animal Shelter

You’ve heard the rumors, (“Psst, did you hear there’s a new animal shelter being built in West Union?”), and maybe you’ve even inspected the site, (near the WalMart Super Center).  The Humane Society of Adams County has indeed nearly completed construction on a brand new animal shelter facility after six long years of fundraising, grant-writing, campaigning, and saving.  The new shelter will house offices, a pleasant reception area for visitors, kennels with indoor-outdoor access for up to twenty dogs, a room dedicated solely to cats, and a meeting area for board members and possible public rental.  The monthly Roaming Animal Sterilization Clinic (RASCAL) will be held on-site at the new building, offering local residents a low-cost alternative to getting their pets spayed/neutered.  Animal lovers will be invited to participate in a volunteer training program to be eligible to help out at the new facility. Fundraisers will be able to be held in the shelter, and, most importantly, unwanted animals in Adams County will have a clean and safe place to rest while awaiting adoption into their forever homes.

Unfortunately, most of the money saved to create this fantastic new building has been spent on the construction.  In order to open the new shelter and keep it up and running, the Humane Society of Adams County needs your help.  The expenses of cleaning litter boxes and kennels, feeding hungry animals, paying for vaccinations and dewormers, purchasing gasoline for our rescue vehicle, and paying utility bills will amount to at least $3000.00 per month.  The Humane Society of Adams County receives no federal, state, or county funds.  As a nonprofit 501C3 organization, we rely solely on donations and grants to operate. Without the support of the public, we will not be able to help the animals of Adams County.  You might think that you cannot afford to help, but consider this: for $25 you can become a member of the Humane Society of Adams County, receive our bi-annual Paw Prints newsletter, and if just 1,440 people joined you in their membership support, we would have the funds necessary to not only open the doors, but to keep the new shelter running every day!  Think of all the times you have witnessed stray cats or dogs on the streets of your town and felt that you wished you could help them.  You can do something to help those animals: become a member of the Humane Society of Adams County today.  You can also memorialize your friends and family by making a contribution to the Humane Society in their name.  Please visit our website at www.adamscountyanimals.org for membership forms today.  In addition to becoming a member, you can help by donating funds or supplies, such as a pet food, cat litter, towels, laundry soap, bleach, cages, carriers, and office supplies. Thank you and God bless you!HSAC Newsletter Issue 2Membership Form