HOME GoodSeed Nursery Donates Landscaping to Humane Society

The building of the Humane Society of Adams County's new animal shelter in West Union is complete, but construction of the facility left a barren, muddy mess surrounding the shelter. Luckily for the non-profit humane society, Steve Boehme of GoodSeed Nursery stepped in to donate his professional services as a landscape designer. The project included site evaluation, design, ground preparation, planting of high-quality, low-maintenance shrubs and perennials, and multiple tree plantings.

The landscaping includes oak trees along the south side of the shelter to provide shade for the animal pens and reduce energy cost. A mass planting of Norway spruce trees was installed for windbreak. Amur maple trees will provide a screen between the shelter and the rear of the Walmart store, and flowering pear and crabapple trees decorate the parking area. Spacious shrub beds and large mulch circles around the trees will make mowing easier, protect trees from mower damage, and prevent lawn grasses from slowing the growth o
f the trees.

One of the many advantages of having Goodseed Nursery do the landscaping start-to-finish is that the Humane Society will be able to have a beautiful, well-planned outdoor environment surrounding the building that uses hardy perennials and trees that require minimum year-round maintenance. Less landscape maintenance means more time can be spent on the mission of the humane society: helping animals. Thank you, GoodSeed Nursery!

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