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2014 Re-Cap:

In February we held our first-ever Dinner-Auction at the Ohio Valley Career & Technical Center. Over $11,000 was raised for the animals.
In May, Sunny and Bandit, two cats who had been in foster care with HSAC for over a year, found a great home together! In total, HSAC  helped 37 cats/kittens and 41 dogs/puppies find wonderful forever homes in 2014.
In June, July, and August we held Ice Cream Socials at the new Animal Shelter. The fantastic Liberty Cornet Band played at those events.
On August 17, a woman discovered a plastic bag in her front yard. The bag was moving. She ripped it open to find six unweaned kittens inside. All were covered in urine and feces. Two were barely moving. A volunteer with the Humane Society of Adams County accepted the kittens and, under the volunteer's vigilant, round-the-clock care, all but one of the kittens survived. The remaining five kittens found wonderful forever homes.

In September, we held a 2-day "Rummage 4 Rover" sale out of the Animal Shelter's garage. We had some fantastic , and the first edition of our annual calendar made its debut. The calendar is now being sold at Bailey Animal Hospital, Dinsmore Farm Supply, and Chapparal Farm Supply. We also flipped burgers and served hotdogs at Chapparal Feed Store for donations. We agreed on a new logo for our organization that includes six species of animals that is more reflective of the broad range of animals we want to help.
In October, our Howl-O-Ween Dinner & Auction was a great success, with over $9,000 in profit, despite being held just 8 months after the first dinner auction. Also in October, our whistle-blowing actions helped save two starving horses by spurring Sheriff Kimmy Rogers to force the owner to relocate the horses to a better location. We also attended a Session Meeting with the County Commissioners to request funding for a Humane Agent position. 

On October 18, at about 10:00 pm, an employee of the new Tractor Supply Company store in West Union noticed a group of teenagers harassing a dog in the parking lot. After chasing away the assailants, the employee contacted HSAC.  When advertisements failed to turn up the dog's owners, the sweet female Catahoula Hound, nicknamed "Tabby", was able to be vaccinated, sterilized, and transferred to a Catahoula Rescue, where she found an amazing forever home with a family that adores the Catahoula breed.

On October 25, HSAC volunteers worked for over a week to gain the trust of a shy mother dog in Locust Grove so that we could rescue her and her four puppies. She and her babies were able to be captured, vetted, sterilized, and have all been adopted into great homes through a partner rescue in Cincinnati.

Also in October, we had our nice gate installed and we received the news that Venture Productions will donate $30,000 to us to help us open, in exchange for hiring two of their adults-with-disabilities. We can be proud that a well-established business like Venture feels confident that we are a good investment for their funds and future! 

In October we also received money to fund a new sign for our Shelter from Cindy Steffen of Heart by Nature Retreats in Lynx. 

Bailey Animal Hospital decided to join with us in partnership by donating $1000 of their services to shelter pets. They have continued that partnership by giving us a 40% discount on services from now on.
In November, we were able to donate straw to many grateful families to help insulate their dog's houses for the winter. We received word from All Creatures Animal Hospital of Amelia that they would welcome a partnership with us to help us get shelter pets vetted and sterilized. We also helped All Creatures at their Pet Health Day at Holy Trinity Church in West Union.  We are excited to work with Dr. Meakin of All Creatures in the future!
On November 3, HSAC helped rescue a young female spaniel mix that had been tightly duct-taped to a dead chicken and abandoned along a rural road near Winchester.
In December, phone service and high-speed Internet, were installed at the new Animal Shelter. 

HSAC received a generous donation of $3500 from the Manchester Area Merchant's Association.

On Tuesday, December 2, a very pregnant female pit bull was found injured next to Highway 52 in Manchester, Ohio. The Humane Society of Adams County and Bailey Animal Hospital teamed up to help the sweet girl, nicknamed Molly. She was emaciated, limping, and had lacerations to her face. She was gentle and trusting and went to a safe foster home while she recovered from her malnourishment and injuries. On December 6, Molly went into labor. She was still laboring over 24 hours later, so she was rushed to Shawnee Animal Clinic in Portsmouth where she gave birth on December 8 to eight healthy puppies - five boys and three girls. Her vet bill was paid in part by a very generous donation from the Democrat Club of Adams County  who gave $500 to HSAC. Molly was transferred back to her foster home, where she was able to relax indoors and just recover while she cared for her babies (she is a GREAT mama). Three of the puppies have been reserved by great families, but the rest of the puppies and Molly herself are still available for adoption.

On December 10, at 5:10 am, HSAC was contacted by Adams County Dog Warden Paul Hughes. A beautiful female German Shepherd had been hit by a car on State Route 41 in front of Giovanni's Pizza in West Union. An HSAC volunteer drove the beautiful injured dog, nicknamed "Keisha", to Russelleville, Ohio, to be examined by the veterinarian there. Keisha would require over $300 in veterinary care to mend the damage done to her body by the vehicle. Keisha spent several weeks in a great foster home in Winchester, where she stole the hearts of her foster family.  We are very happy to report that Keisha's foster family has decided to permanently add her to their family.

On December 16, we held our first Christmas Open House, complete with Santa and his Elf help. $262.27 was generated at that event to help the animals. We also held our drawing for the Henry Golden Boy Rifle donated in part by Arkoe Outdoors of Piketon and made $575 in profit.
On December 23, we received word that the Adams County Commissioners have approved $12,500 to be donated to HSAC as a grant to allow us to hire a dedicated Humane Agent! This is a giant step forward for the Humane Society and for the people and animals of our county! With proper training, the individual who fills this position will help forge the missing link between animals in trouble and our ability to help end abuse and neglect in our communities. In addition to animal investigations, the Humane Agent will hopefully play a large role in educating children and adults about proper care and treatment of animals to prevent future abuse.
On top of all this, our low-cost RASCAL sterilization clinics are thriving under the expert control of Teresa McCann. Animals are being vetted and sterilized, and families are being helped who could not otherwise afford such great care for their pets.  

There are currently several cats/kittens in foster care with HSAC. All are available for adoption!
In November, Robert "Bob" Smith decided step down from his nine-year post as President and resign from the Board. His past dedication and support of the Humane Society were treasures, and we wish him happiness and many sunny golf-ready days to come! Paul Scott, Jeff Huxmann, Richard Potter, Jill Edgington and Mike McCann also decided to retire their board seats. These men and woman have been with the Humane Society since the beginning - or close to it - and we give each of them our heartfelt thanks for their service.  Karen Franklin, Jessica Huxmann, Robert Applegate, Anita Harover and Teresa Grooms remain on the Board, and we gained some fabulous new Board members with the additions of Sally White, John Lawler, John Owens, Vonda Jones, Phil Miskell, and Brian Mason. We are excited to go forward with this great team to make the Humane Society of Adams County the best it can be!
So raise your glass to toast these achievements - and please consider joining HSAC as a Member
The animals of Adams County THANK YOU!