Dog Tags Save Pet Lives

Your pet is a member of your family: she sleeps on your bed, she plays with your son after school, she cheers you up after the Bucks lose a game... You know she would never leave your property, so why bother saddling her with a collar and annoying jingly dog tags? Well, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters and pounds every year as strays. Of those, only about 1 in 7 are able to be reunited with their families. Revenue from dog license sales helps fund the salaries of the men and women in charge of looking after your dog if she ever does lose her way far from home. Shelter pets require food, heated facilities in winter, and sometimes they need medical care for illnesses and injuries.  Dog license funds also pay for our Adams County Dog Warden so that he will be able to do the job of protecting the public from roaming and/or dangerous dogs. 

Until Jan. 31, individuals can purchase a one-year dog license for $10, a three-year dog license for $30, a permanent dog license for $100, and a kennel license for $50. After Monday, Feb. 2, the licenses will cost an additional $10, except for a kennel license which increases to $100. In the State of Ohio, dogs over the age of three months are required by law to be licensed. This applies to all dog owners regardless of whether they reside in a village or not or whether the dog is kept inside or not.

Starting on Monday, Feb. 1, the Adams County Dog Warden will be conducting door-to-door license checks of anyone not having a current tag for their pet. Those without tags are subject to fines and court costs of approximately $92 in addition to the cost of a dog tag.

Dog tags and kennel tags can be purchased at the Adams County Auditor Office in the courthouse, Room 104. Dog tags (but not kennel tags) can be purchased at several area businesses as well, including Chapparal Feed and Farm Supply, Cherry Fork Farm Supply, Crum Farm Supply, Dinsmore Equipment Store, Blue Creek General Store, Seaman Farm Garden and Pet Center, W.C. Milling, and Adams County Lumber.

Thank you for supporting strays! 

Note: The Humane Society of Adams County does not receive money from dog license sales, (sale revenue supports the Adams County Dog Pound only), but HSAC is committed to helping all pets of our area live better lives. Quickly reuniting lost pets with their families helps our resources go further, which benefits all homeless animals in our care.